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Are you ready to create real magic in your life?
Are you ready to be, do or have what you truly want?
I am thrilled to finally be sharing Blueprint For Magic! This is one of my favorite courses I've ever created. I have used the Blueprint since 1998 to actualize many of my desires: a dream house, deep new friendships, the perfect employees, a stunning office, greater income... even 3 relationships - all “to spec.”
In Blueprint For Magic, every tool, every exercise, every worksheet is about you opening your mind, heart, and spirit for something greater and much more fulfilling to you - and that ultimately leads to your expansion
“The Blueprint sets things up so that “magic” becomes reality in everyday life. It's like it opens the door to manifestation: You set it up, you release it, and boom! The door opens.”
MATTHEW B, Landscaping Company Owner, Science of Mind Minister, Seattle, WA
I did the Blueprint, and I couldn't believe what happened. I got exactly the apartment I wrote down, and the price came in lower than what I was expecting to pay. And it happened right away. I was so amazed.

I really like Barbara's style because she's personable and relaxed. I felt like she was talking directly to me. She brings in those personal touches, those funny things. I can tell it's something she genuinely wants to share.

This work Barbara's doing is life-changing.
How to effectively fill out the actual Blueprint – your “order” to the Universe/Subconscious...
Placing the "Order"
Get deep clarity on what you truly desire...
The specific steps to take after you've sent out your request (extremely important).
The AfterSteps: Expansion
Shift your mindset and nervous system from the impossible to the possible...
Understand what the biggest block to receiving your desire is – and how to remove it...
Removing the Biggest Block
In 2010 I had a near-death experience. One thing that became crystal clear is how fleeting and precious life is. We think we have all the time in the world to see the antiquities of Greece, to find a a loving companion to share life with, to heal that family relationship, to change jobs to one that fulfills us. We say, “Someday...” “Oh, wouldn't that be nice...” “Maybe next year...”  
live a life without regrets.
Regret for all the things you wish you'd done.
The only thing that's truly limited is your time here on earth. Now, I realize that's not a subject people like to think about. But instead of denying that reality, why not make it something that ignites your passion to create a life that is as deep and exciting and joyful and fulfilling as you can possibly imagine

It's easy to become complacent and to fall into living "on autopilot" from time to time.  But that can only lead to one thing: 
This is what Blueprint For Magic is all about. It's a map to help you on that journey of fulfillment – and EXPANSION.
When you imagine your last few minutes of life... My wish for you is that you think back to the incredible tapestry of events that occurred: All the astounding things you experienced, the places you traveled to, the beautiful things you created, the lives you touched, the contributions you made, the successes you achieved - even the mistakes you learned from. 
The love you gave. And the love you received.
LINDA REED, Attorney / Environmental Consultant, 
I got into “Blueprint For Magic” through Barbara's Mind Loops work, they're really tied together, and I see it as the perfect stepping-stone.

I hadn't done any manifesting before. I had all kinds of excuses to not take the risk. “Blueprint” really helped me understand that it's not a big risk, it's about self-trust. 

Synchronicities happened for me early on. Not only did I manifest BOTH business mentorship programs, but also a financial grant I really needed, and another contract for my business! I'm very grateful for this program.
“Synchronicities happened for me early on. I applied for two spots in two different business mentorship programs, thinking, “Oh, maybe I'll be lucky with one of them.” 
I got both of them!”
Kent, WA
My “Blueprint” desire was to improve my family relationships. After I “released” my desire, I started
seeing breakthroughs and improvements with everyone, especially my children. My oldest daughter and I had a breakdown in our relationship 6 months ago... and suddenly she called me! It was so great to
reconnect, and we're building trust again.

This is a really inspiring course. I highly recommend.
“After I did the exercises in Session 4, about releasing the biggest block to manifesting, my “satisfaction and happiness score” JUMPED to a 9 or 10 – and it's been 6 days now!”
Do I want to EXPAND ? 
Is it time to stop playing SMALL ? 
Am I ready to live with more fullness, more ALIVENESS ? 
Am I ready to RECEIVE my desire ? 
Blueprint For Magic is unique because it's not just about manifesting - which of course is a worthy subject by itself. But as you do the processes outlined in the course, additional huge benefits occur: 
the specifics of what you'll get:
  • 5 primary video training Sessions that break down the complex process of conscious creating into easy-to-follow chunks, with clearly laid out step-by-step instructions. The sessions will be delivered to you over a 3-week period with 4 days in between each session to give you time to go over the material, work with the Steps, and fill out the Worksheets;
  • Beautifully designed Worksheets that sum up the main teaching points covered in each Session, offer salient questions that will lead you to more clarity, and/or provide a tool to power-up your manifesting; 
  • Specific strategies to first understand and then remove the #1 hidden block to your manifesting - which will significantly increase your ability to receive your desire - and even make the wait time more enjoyable;
go BEYOND the 'basics' of manifesting 
  • Profound clarity on what it is you truly want to manifest. Many of us think we know... but this is one of the most challenging things for humans to be crystal clear about - and clarity is key! It makes the difference between manifesting something that feels just so-so... to receiving something that would absolutely light you up. 
  • Clear INSTRUCTION on how to meet your desire after you've sent out your request, and as your desire is trying to find and meet you;
  •  Connection to a private community of open-minded individuals like you who are going through this magical process at the same time - and who will support you and want to see you succeed! Because the power of Group Intention - when multiple minds are focused on ONE concept, one GOAL - raises the energy and potency of the intention considerably, further supporting your manifesting goals.
  • Increased Happiness: A higher level of happiness will naturally begin to unfold as each exercise shifts habits and ways of thinking that are keeping you in your current state. These shifts will “raise your vibration”... and we all know how important a high vibration (meaning energy and mood) is to successful manifesting;
  • Open You Up To Something Greater: Every tool, exercise, and worksheet is there to help you open your mind, heart and spirit to receive something bigger and much more fulfilling to you;
  • Expansion: Reaching for – and receiving – a desire that is beyond where you currently are naturally expands you, and as humans, we are built to expand and evolve.
  • A method to shift your nervous system into a Possibility Mindset. This calms and dissolves those internal doubts of "This couldn't really happen" which are major blocks to allowing your desire to come through; 
  • Plus: Special Bonus upon completion: A Daily Meditation to Boost Your Mood & Manifesting Success”
  • Downloadable mp3 audio versions of each session so you can learn anywhere, anytime
CHRISTINA BAKER, Senior Paralegal, Seattle, WA
Barbara makes the whole manifesting process so interesting and fun, with clear, understandable steps. I
love her lack of judgment and how she stresses no need for perfection. Plus there are moments she
completely cracks me up! This course opens your mind to a way of thinking that’s very productive. 
absolutely LOVED it!
“I absolutely LOVED it!”
Get a full refund within 14 days if you don't love it for any reason.

Watch at your own pace and revisit whenever you like.
Watch in any current browser on a Mac, PC, or mobile device.
SUSAN FLANAGAN, Hospital IT Manager, Long Island, NY
My “Blueprint” desire was for my career, and I've had lots of synchronicities happen after doing this course. Things have come together and it's really effortless. Plus all these ideas and “nudges” come in like downloads. That hadn't happened to me before.

I see now that what we call “magic” actually ties into the natural order of the world. Just because you do things to prepare for it, doesn't mean it's not magical. It's actually MORE magical. Because then that thing you're desiring - or better - comes in. And that's incredible.
“'Magic' has taken on a new meaning for me. It used to be very far away and for other people. But I found out it can happen to me too.”
JOYCE MCANDREWS, Multimedia Artist, Seattle, WA
I've have some experience with the Law of Attraction, but “Blueprint For Magic” took it WAY further and deeper. It radically shifted my state of mind.

Right out of the gate, in Session 1, when we were being invited to write what we want... the synchronicities happened immediately. Every time I asked for something, it was given to me.

In fact, this year has probably been THE most abundant year of my life. I'm not talking about a million dollars. I'm talking about connections, and support, and love, and guidance, and a reminder I'm not alone! Even during the pandemic. Just gift after gift after gift. Unbelievable.  

Now that I've gone through this course, I see that magic is ever-present, it's everywhere. If I trust in the magic, then what comes is above and beyond my wildest dreams.

When I think of Barbara, I think of authenticity. That's why I took this course. She shows up, she shares
the things she's discovered – just naturally. I admire that about her. Tremendously. I'm so grateful.
“Every time I asked for something, it was given to me.”
The world NEEDS YOU to step into your magic.
Enroll in a transformational experience: 
about manifesting... expansion...
and happiness.
Get a full refund within 14 days if you don't love it for any reason.

Watch at your own pace and revisit whenever you like.
  • If you've tried manifesting before and were disappointed...
  • If you're unhappy in your job, with your relationship status, money flow, or have a health challenge...
  • If you're in transition – just laid off, recently divorced, kids off to college, or graduating soon yourself...
  • Or if you're simply ready for more joy and meaning in your life...
DIANA VAUGHAN HARRIS, Former Music Industry Manager, Seattle WA
I completed the Blueprint this morning, and am still reeling from the WAY this course is constructed. 
There are many notable and recognized Mentors, Coaches and Teachers...BUT. Barbara's approach is distinctly Unique, Organized, Concise and with Descriptive Scientific Information.

 Unsaid but inferred: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure does.” 
This is an amazing course that, if taken, I believe will DEFINITELY change one's life and destiny! Feeling so blessed!
“Unbelievable!! This is an amazing course that will DEFINITELY change one's life and destiny!”
Barbara Ireland
If you have any questions on Blueprint For Magic, or want to enroll by check, get in touch: info@themindloopgroup.com